Blossom Spirit Birth Scene #ocean

This artwork stands for nature of festivals by respecting nature with the design of nature-like geometry beyond the function of beauty. To do this, the geometry design was symbolized by a flower that can represent a festival among objects in nature on the land. And, this was inspired by the constantly changing appearance through four seasons. Thus, each element represents a living flower with showing various gestures of flowers that can be seen in nature. Also, from the inspiration of various surface colors by the reflection of the sunlight or moonlight, a variety of colors were put on the flower elements. Finally, the design of the blossom spirit is completed with the visitors’ ongoing behaviors around the spiritual space. As a result, this space is filled with gestures of living flowers with fairytale-emotions and turns into a festive and miraculous space resembling a living nature with colorful lights, changing shadows and visitors’ improvising actions by their emotions. I wanted to connect ‘The miraculous’ scene to daily living nature that is constantly changing beautifully and unexpectedly and miraculously often. Also, fairy tale emotions are combined into this spiritual space. To do this, I brought colorful flower spirits concept into this story. The spirits looks blossom that is combination of colorful souls who might one of ourselves. I would like to express metaphor of forgotten minds in the fairy forest from all of our childhood. Still the fairy souls can be imagined by breaking the contemporary people’s depressions.

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